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The Security Blanket

Billy was proud to be a security blanket. Up until now, Ethan brought Billy along everywhere he went. But most importantly, Ethan snuggled with Billy at bedtime every night. But one day, Billy overheard Ethan say, “Mom, now that I’m going to preschool, I don’t want the other kids to laugh at me. Can we put Billy away because I’m a big boy now?” “I’ll put Billy in the linen closet. Just know that if you ever start to miss him, you can always take Billy to your room,” said Ethan’s mom as she lugged Billy into the closet. That first night, Billy cried himself to sleep because he felt unneeded and unloved.

Billy waited until the night and climbed into Ethan’s bed hoping to be welcomed with open arms. But Ethan just tucked Billy back into the closet. This routine lasted for a week, until Billy finally accepted that Ethan no longer needed him. Years later, Ethan married a beautiful woman named Darla and they had a baby boy named Robbie. The first night Ethan and Darla welcomed their baby boy home,
Ethan drove to his parent’s house in the middle of the night. “Hey mom and dad, I’m just going to go grab Billy,” said Ethan as he walked through the door.

Ethan made a beeline toward the closet and then rushed to his car with Billy in tow. As Ethan walked through the door into his new home with Darla, he wrapped Billy around his son. Ethan whispered into his newborn’s ear, “Billy was my security blanket. Now he is yours. And one day he will be your child’s blankie.” That night, Billy couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. He said, “My patience was rewarded well,” while drifting off to sleep.

When a loved one needs space, give it to them; even if it huBilly was hurt that Ethan no longer wanted him by his side, so he tried to win back his affection. Over time, Billy began to understand his place in Ethan's life. He allowed Ethan to live his life without smothering him. In the end, he was rewarded for his patience by being welcomed back into the family. You've likely experienced a similar situation. Maybe your son entered high school and preferred to hang out with his friends, rather than mom and dad. It's important to understand that, in order to keep some people close, sometimes you have to let go. If you smother someone even though they are clearly begging for space, your actions force them to build resentment toward you for not respecting their wishes. When your happiness depends on you and the experiences you embrace, instead of the actions of a single person, you sit in the driver's seat of your life. You must have a life of your own outside of each relationship, regardless of how important that connection is, to feel the true fulfillment you deserve. Though it may be upsetting, strive to allow those you are with to decide for themselves how close the relationship can be without pressure.rts you to watch them walk away.

Do I cling to others because I'm scared of being alone?

How can I allow my loved ones to have the space they desire?

Will talking things out help us see eye-to-eye?


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