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The Busy Squirrel

Jimmie the squirrel was always on his phone or tablet. He was too busy to notice his friends. Would they still care about him?

Jimmie the Squirrel loved spending time on his phone and tablet. He would spend hours using technology and barely noticed the world around him. He started to neglect his friends and stopped visiting them.

“I love my phone! It’s so much fun to see what’s happening all the time,” Jimmie said.

One day, Jimmie’s phone stopped working. His tablet was broken too. He tried everything to fix them, but they wouldn’t work. “Oh no! My phone and tablet aren’t working. What should I do?” he said.

Jimmie decided he needed to get help. He wanted to call his friends and ask them what to do. Then, he realized he couldn’t remember his closest friends’ names. Plus, he couldn’t call them because his phone was broken! He started to panic. Would his friends still care about him after all the time he neglected them? Jimmie rushed out of his squirrel nest and ran to see his chipmunk friends.

“I’m sorry I haven’t visited you in a long time,” he said. “Can you help me? My phone and tablet are broken and I can’t figure out how to fix them.

To his surprise, his chipmunk friends were glad to see him. They calmed him down and gave him a snack. They fixed his phone and tablet without asking for anything in return. They said they just wanted him to be happy. Jimmie realized that true friendships are more valuable than technology.

Technology can’t replace real friendships. Jimmie the squirrel was completely absorbed by his technology. He spent all of his free time on his phone and tablet. He neglected his closest friends and focused on his technology. Jimmie quickly learned that technology couldn’t replace his friends. He found out that he needed help after his phone and tablet stopped working. The squirrel turned to his chipmunk friends who welcomed him back. Jimmie was fortunate that he was able to salvage his relationships, and that his friends were willing to help him. Although he neglected his friends, they still cared about him. Technology can take over your life and make you forget about the people around you. It’s easy to let your phone or other device dominate your time. You can get lost checking the latest updates without noticing what is happening near you. If you’re fortunate like Jimmie, your friends will still stand by you. However, you’re taking a big risk with your relationships. It’s important to find a way to balance your use of technology. You can still use your phone and tablet, but it’s important to get out of the virtual world sometimes and spend time with your loved ones in the real world.

How can I balance the role of technology in my life?

How can I maintain my friendships during busy periods in my life?

What can I do to show others that technology isn’t the only thing that matters?


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