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Spirituality and Grief: 6 Ways to Heal Yourself After a Loss

We cannot avoid pain and everything comes to an end sooner or later. We, as human beings, are mortal. When we lose someone or something very important to us, it leaves a hole in our heart. It is possible to recover from a loss, even if it takes time. Spirituality can help us find comfort when we suffer great loss in life. This article will provide six ways you can help yourself heal after a loss and grief through spirituality.

6 Ways to Heal Yourself Spiritually After a Loss

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Acceptance is the first step in healing after a loss. A loss can bring tremendous grief. It is important that you accept what has happened and face reality. Do not resist change because it will only cause more pain in the end. Try accepting your emotions, too. This will help you make sense of what has happened. It will also pave the way towards moving on and new opportunities.


Praying is one of the most valuable tools spirituality has to offer to heal after a loss. When we have lost someone or something important to us, it feels as if that person or thing has been taken away from us by God. This makes us question the existence of a higher being. Therefore, praying for guidance from God can be very comforting in times like these. But prayer doesn't necessarily have to be religious either. You can pray with positive thoughts for guidance or an answer to your question.


Mindfulness and meditation can also help you recover from a loss. Being mindful of your feelings and emotions will prevent you from suppressing them. Through mindfulness, you are able to observe your emotional state without judgement. This helps reduce the pain. Meditation gives us the opportunity to reflect on our life and clear all negative thoughts clouding our minds. Through meditation, we create space within ourselves, so new possibilities for happiness can emerge in our lives.

Read Spiritual Texts

Spiritual texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran and so on can be very useful to heal yourself after a loss. The words within these texts can help us rebuild our emotional strength and find answers. They provide hope and direction to our lives. They also connect us to something bigger than ourselves. Reading books on spirituality makes us more aware of things beyond our material world and gives meaning to our lives.

Join A Spiritual Group Or Organization

Joining a spiritual group or organization can be very helpful after a loss. You are able to connect with people who share the same values as yourself. This can be very comforting and reassuring that you are not alone in your grief. In fact, many studies have shown that grieving along with others can help lessen the pain of losing someone or something immensely important to us.

Focus On Self-Growth

Spirituality places utmost emphasis on self-growth. It is important to focus on self-growth after a loss. Try focusing your energy on positive aspects of life. This helps you move away from the past and develop an optimistic view towards life. It helps put things into perspective that even if something or someone very important to us is gone, it doesn't mean that our life's purpose has gone with it. With this realization, many possibilities open up for happiness in our lives again.


It is believed that grief has five stages—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Losses are never easy to go through. Grieving is a natural process of healing after a loss. Everyone who has lost something or someone precious to them, deserves to grieve. Don't rush the process. Give yourself the time to heal. By suppressing your natural reaction and emotions to a loss, you only create more pain within yourself.

Understand that even the most privileged people are just as prone to loss as we are. Hence, instead of turning the blame inward or blaming your luck, accept the state of things. Find recourse in spirituality. It has the power to make you feel happier by overcoming grief and loss. Spiritual people tend to find comfort in their faith during difficult times. Thus, slowly but surely, they find this spiritual happiness again after a loss.


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