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The 6 Transforming Stages of a Spiritual Awakening: Which Stage are You On?

A spiritual awakening is a profound experience that transforms how we see ourselves and the world around us. If you’re feeling like your spiritual awakening is a bit of an uphill battle, don’t worry!

There are many stages to this process and it’s not as linear or straightforward as some people would have us believe. This blog post will explore what a spiritual awakening entails and which stage you might be on if you are feeling an inner change coming on.

What Triggers a Spiritual Awakening?

As many people have experienced, you can be living your life with the same routine and suddenly find yourself in a moment of realization that everything has changed. Spiritual awakenings are often triggered by major events such as illnesses or death. They may also occur spontaneously without warning for no explainable reason at all; it’s something we would never know until it happens.

As you grow and learn more in life, it’s not uncommon to undergo a spiritual awakening. For example, old souls or sensitive empaths are probably already ‘plugged into’ the transcendent side of life by nature. So they may have an easier time waking up than other people do! This might be due to past lives where these people dealt with difficult twin flame relationships that helped them wake up on this plane.

Spiritual Awakening
Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

The Six Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Waking up

This stage is where you notice something different happening to you and around you. You start noticing synchronicities, for example. It can be overwhelming at first, but, this just means your soul has been asleep up until now! This state of awakening happens gradually, as we grow more aware of the world and our place in it. It is like waking up from deep sleep into full-blown consciousness.

As discussed above, a spiritual awakening can happen one of two ways. Either spontaneously or due to some major event that one has gone through. There are many factors as well such as an accident or divorce with which it may be intertwined depending on the person’s experience and how they process their emotions during these events.


The second stage is when we start to feel connected to the universe and all living things. We can sense messages from our spirit guides, hear them talking in nature or through music. We begin seeing angel numbers and synchronicities everywhere we go.

Euphoric emotions like ecstasy and elation are common at this point which leads us into a state where anything is possible and any wish comes true. When the heart chakra opens in this stage, you become deeply loving because it is your portal to divine love. Your crown and third eye chakras will start opening up as well, unlocking spiritual abilities that were once unknown before.


Your soul is the one that knows what needs to be healed for you to go through a spiritual awakening. A lot of times, your soul also has past lives or karmic cycles holding it back. The most difficult stage during this process is when there’s a lot of purging going on – healing old wounds so they can’t stop us from evolving!

In this stage, you may feel anything from depression or anxiety to despair. This stage may sometimes feel like you are dying but it’s the death of the ego, letting go of all its illusions that block our light. This is a necessary process for growth.

This stage can last a very long time depending on the amount of healing you need. There is no set timeframe for this process, so patience and understanding are required through it all.

Spiritual Awakening
Photographer: William Farlow | Source: Unsplash


In this stage, we feel lost and tired after the purge. You may also find that you’ve stopped feeling connected to the universe.

You lose your connection with everything around you, including yourself. It’s like being in outer space without any gravity or love for support; it can be lonely out there by yourself!

We may feel like there are no doors or windows open for us, but that’s not the case. Your soul knows it is time for you to rest to prepare for all the great work that lies ahead. This stage can last anywhere from days up until years to reflect on your journey and meet the new you that has healed from the old karmic cycle.

If you just came out of an intense dark night of the soul experience where deep healing was necessary, then now might be one such example when putting yourself into a cocoon would greatly serve you to renew your energy rather than getting right back onto life’s hamster wheel with full force again.


This is the stage where things start to become a lot clearer after our dark night and loneliness stage. Our root chakras are activated in this phase of spiritual awakening, which allows us to ground all that we have learned spiritually into everyday life.

We ground ourselves into the earth, where we can no longer escape or run away from people with dense energies that affect us so intensely. Your sensitivity only shows you that you are an empath who has been gradually developing your empathic abilities.

We start to feel a deep sense of connection to the entire universe, which leads us deeper into love for ourselves as well. We also notice that this creates more compassionate feelings towards others who may not be awake yet, letting them know they aren’t alone on their spiritual journey while still respecting where they are at right now.


Our whole energy system, from the crown down to the root is aligned with the universal energies. We start to connect with our life purpose and mission without even realizing it at first because we’re no longer influenced by anything outside ourselves.

Nothing can sway us out of following what feels right for us anymore. It starts as small intentions or thoughts that keep growing bigger. Eventually, we commit to following them blindly because there’s not a doubt in our minds about where these things will lead when everything aligns just so perfectly on its own!

Spiritual Awakening
Photographer: Neal E. Johnson | Source: Unsplash


Spiritual awakenings are a unique and powerful experience for us all. It can be emotionally draining when we go through them, but if you know the stages of your awakening, it becomes much easier to navigate. Pay attention to the signs of each stage and remember to not be afraid through these stages. You will emerge on the other side stronger than ever with gratitude and immense love for this universe.


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