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How to Improve Your Spiritual Health: Top Nine Ways

The word “spiritual” has many meanings, but in this blog post we will be focusing on the idea of spirituality as a way to improve your mental and physical health. In order to live a fulfilling life, it’s important to take care of one’s mind, body, and soul. This is why spiritual health is so important. Without it, you may find yourself feeling lost or incomplete. We will discuss nine ways to help you achieve greater spiritual health!

What is Spiritual Health?

There are many different ways people connect with spirituality. However, the most common sense of inner wellbeing is a connection to something greater than oneself, whether that’s a higher power or art or even music. We form our own unique beliefs throughout our lives which make up these ideals on what we identify as spirituality.

No matter how hard things may seem, being able to find hope and comfort in life is the definition of spiritual health. It can help support you as you experience your full self throughout every stage of life. Being healthy spiritually means accepting that we might experience life differently from everyone else because we are all unique individuals who have different ways to feel calm or hopeful.

Spiritual Health
Photographer: Marcos Paulo Prado | Source: Unsplash

Benefits of Maintaining Spiritual Health

Maintaining our spiritual health can be a very beneficial practice for us all. It can help us raise our vibrations, and connect to our true self.

Spiritual practices, like meditation or prayer, can help you feel better when things aren’t going the way that you want them to. They may create a sense of community and belonging for people who practice these activities together as well.

In addition spiritual practices such as mindfulness are known to be helpful in creating peace with oneself when times get tough. This could decrease stress levels overall leading one away from harmful behaviours associated with poor mental health outcomes.

Nine Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Health

Connect with your Community

Find friends and organizations that share your beliefs. Connect with them, either online or in-person. Reach out to a spiritual leader and find ways to connect with a community that can support you.

Sharing your thoughts with like minded people and creating a support system is very helpful. It can be a way for people to connect with new people and expand their horizons when it comes to their spiritual health and knowledge.


This is a way that can be helpful for people who don’t have access to these communities. There are many ways to improve your spiritual health. You can volunteer at an old age home, become a mentor or tutor, or donate to a charity. Doing so will help you grow as part of the community while giving back in powerful ways that give you purpose and gratitude for what you have.

Spiritual Health
Photographer: kike vega | Source: Unsplash

Practice yoga

Yoga is an ancient physical technique that has many benefits. Yoga reduces emotional and physical strains on the mind and body, which improves spiritual health. It also helps you decrease stress levels, increase immunity to disease, lower blood pressure as well as reduce anxiety and depression while boosting energy levels.


Our lives can be so busy, especially in the world of work. We feel like we have no time for ourselves while our days are packed with meetings and deadlines. However, taking five to ten minutes out each day is important as it allows us some quality me-time when we connect with ourselves through meditation. These practices foster a stronger relationship between mind and body which will ultimately improve your spiritual health.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature has been known to provide spiritual support to people since the beginning. Spending time outdoors is an effective way to reset your mind and boost spiritual health. You can’t help but disconnect from all distractions when surrounded by nature’s beauty. Even just minutes outside watching the birds flying, trees swaying with the wind or waves crashing on the shoreline will have therapeutic effects on the body and soul!

Spiritual Health
Photographer: Matt Heaton | Source: Unsplash

Focus on your Hobbies

There are many ways to get happiness from the small things in life. Find things that you can easily take part in such as cooking, reading or running and focus on them for just a short time. Getting enjoyment out of simple tasks and things you love to do will bring back your sense of purpose and keep your mind focused.

Let It Out

Writing down your thoughts can help you make sense of what is going on in your head. Whether it is after a long day or an event that has had a big impact on you. Writing about how you feel will give you clarity and help you move forward with your spiritual health intact.

Go Deeper

By searching for deeper meanings in your life and analysing patterns, you can see that events are often within your control. This realisation is key to leading a happier and healthier lifestyle and improving your spiritual health.

Spiritual Health
Photographer: Ibrahim Rifath | Source: Unsplash


Traveling to a place where you can rest and be free of distractions will improve your connection with yourself. When there are no external factors affecting how you feel, it is easier to weed out stressors that may otherwise cloud your thinking.

Exposing yourself to different cultures and people can also teach you a lot of new things about life and spirituality that you would not have known if you would not have travelled. Expanding your knowledge is a key part of spiritual health.


Spiritual health provides us with systems of faith, beliefs and values. A healthy spiritual practice may include volunteerism, social contributions, belonging to a like-minded group, optimism, forgiveness and compassion. Spiritual practices allow one to live life consistent with their own belief system while finding meaning in different events that happen throughout life.

What are the different practices you follow to keep your spiritual health intact? Let us know in the comments!


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