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Aromatherapy For Chakras: 5 Essential Oils To Balance Your Sahasrara

Aromatherapy For Chakras: 5 Essential Oils To Balance Your Sahasrara

Some of the most powerful antiseptic essential oils include lavender oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil.
-Althea Press

Chakras are energy centers in the body that correlate to certain psycho-emotional functions. They each correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs in the body. Some people turn to aromatherapy to balance their chakras. They use essential oils to recalibrate their body’s energy centers and keep things flowing smoothly.

Correlation Behind Essential Oils and Chakras

A 2011 study suggests that some essential oils can help lessen stress and anxiety when used in tandem with traditional medicine.

Another studyTrusted Source from 2012 on the sleep benefits of essential oils found that smelling lavender oil before bed had a positive effect on sleep.

Many people claim to enjoy the chakra-balancing benefits of essential oils. You can experiment for yourself with minimal risk as long as you keep safety tips in mind.

5 Essential Oils To Balance Sahasrara


Essential oils
Source Healthline

Frankincense essential oils have a woody, spicy smell and one can inhale, or absorb it through the skin, or take it as a supplement.

Frankincense appears to offer certain health benefits, from improved arthritis and digestion to reduced asthma and better oral health. It may even help fight certain types of cancer.

Palo Santo

Essential oils
Photographer: Content Pixie | Source: Unsplash

For thousands of years, the wood, resin, and oil are in use for medicinal benefits. It’s mainly to treat pain and stress. It’s also clears negative energy.

Traditionally, palo santo essential oils are widely used to repel mosquitos and to deter ants, termites, and flies. Typically, palo santo oil is inhaled during aromatherapy. This method is often used while doing yoga, meditating, or performing other stress-relieving activities.

White Lotus Flower

Lotus essential oils
Photographer: he zhu | Source: Unsplash

We can use lotus essential oils in the personal care products such as massage oils, bath soaps and body lotions as well as in aromatherapy. It is rich in fragrance which provides a feeling of peacefulness.

It has got floral and earthy fragrance. The fragrance inspires the body to breathe more deeply. Romans use lotus essential oil to treat the respiratory problems such as asthma. The relaxation effects of lotus essential oil increase the feeling of tranquility.

The constituents of lotus flower are phosphorus, linoleic acid, vitamin C and B, iron and protein. The cooling and soothing properties of Lotus essential oil promotes the skin condition and texture.


Photographer: Laura Ockel | Source: Unsplash

Spikenard essential oils are known for its uplifting properties, but it is also a very grounding oil. The grounding properties of Spikenard essential oil makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy and meditation. The woody, musty scent of Spikenard essential oil makes it a useful oil for aromatherapy and massage, while the grounding properties make it useful for promoting relaxation during meditation.

People often use it for skin due to its cleansing and purifying properties. To experience these skin benefits, consider adding a few drops of the oil to your daily cleanser or favorite anti-aging product.


A bottle of essential oil with fresh blooming helichrysum italicum plant
A bottle of essential oil with fresh blooming helichrysum italicum plant, Source 123RF

Helichrysum essential oils are known to have calming, soothing properties. The presence of chemical components called esters contribute to the oil’s calming characteristics—making it the perfect oil for when you want to create a soothing sensation.

Consider using Helichrysum oil for your next full body massage to provide a soothing sensation, along with a herbaceous, energizing aroma.

When you want to combat acne and promote a glowing complexion, Helichrysum essential oil is a helpful companion that will improve the appearance of the skin. Helichrysum oil may help promote a healthy metabolism.

Essential Oils Safety Tips

  1. It is safest to consult with a qualified medical or aromatherapy practitioner before implementing essential oils into your lifestyle.
  2. Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. Lavender and tea tree are listed by a large number of aromatherapy sources as being oils that can be used undiluted.
  3. When using a new oil topically for the first time, do a skin patch test on a small area of skin.
  4. Some essential oils are phototoxic and can cause irritation, inflammation, blistering, redness and/or burning when exposed to UVA rays.
  5. Discontinue using an essential oil or essential oil blend immediately if you encounter any irritation, redness or reaction.


One can master the crown chakra with the aid of essential oils and as a result you will be able to access much clarity.  You will become one with all things, the ego will have fallen away and you will experience enlightenment. 

It is important to note, before attempting to balance the crown chakra you must provide yourself with a good grounding in the lower 6 chakras. Work from the root to the crown chakra to help stimulate and have a positive flow of energy.


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