Chakra Healing: Recharging your Throat with Mudra, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies

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The throat chakra is the center that is aesthetic. It gives an appreciation of beauty.
-Frederick Lenz

The throat chakra is the energetic center in your body that connects you to the world. When it’s out of balance, you may experience difficulty with communication and self-expression. This blog post will teach you how to recharge your throat chakra with mudra, affirmations and solfeggio frequencies!

What is a Mudra?

Mudras are hand gestures or position of the fingers that guide the energy flow from the fingers to the rest of the body while also improving the reflexes of the brain. The fingers are curled, stretched, crossed, pressed against each other, or the tips of the fingers are pressed at specific points on the palms. The movement of each fingers creates a reflex in the body and mind and each finger is connected to the Five Elements like:

  1. Thumb (Fire-Agni)
  2. Index finger (Air-Vayu)
  3. Middle finger (Space-Aakasha)
  4. Ring finger (Earth-Prithvi)
  5. Little finger (Water-Jala)

Mudras for Throat Chakra

Samana Vayu Mudra

Mudra for throat chakra